Monday, April 11, 2016

One Paris Summer by Denise Grover Swank

official summary:
Most teens dream of visiting the City of Lights, but it feels more like a nightmare for Sophie Brooks. She and her brother are sent to Paris to spend the summer with their father, who left home a year ago without any explanation. As if his sudden abandonment weren't betrayal enough, he's about to remarry, and they're expected to play nice with his soon-to-be wife and stepdaughter. The stepdaughter, Camille, agrees to show them around the city, but she makes it clear that she will do everything in her power to make Sophie miserable.
Sophie could deal with all the pain and humiliation if only she could practice piano. Her dream is to become a pianist, and she was supposed to spend the summer preparing for a scholarship competition. Even though her father moved to Paris to pursue his own dream, he clearly doesn't support hers. His promise to provide her with a piano goes unfulfilled.
Still, no one is immune to Paris's charm. After a few encounters with a gorgeous French boy, Sophie finds herself warming to the city, particularly when she discovers that he can help her practice piano. There's just one hitch—he's a friend of Camille's, and Camille hates Sophie. While the summer Sophie dreaded promises to become best summer of her life, one person could ruin it all.

My thoughts:
This book had an interesting plot. Girl goes to Paris because her dad who ran away wanted her to and she isn't happy until she finds love. I really liked how passionate Sophie was about her piano playing. It is important for everyone to have a passion. I didn't feel that we got to learn enough about the French boy Mathieu. We learn about him being French but not about what he has a passion for. The relationship she develops with her brother while they are in Paris is really good and I enjoyed seeing that.

I would give this book a 3.5/5. It was a good book but not my favorite. It is a clean teenage romance.
Buy on! it comes out June 7,2016. I received a free copy in return for an honest review through

Keep exploring your Passions!
K Duersch

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Backwards Beauty: How to feel ugly in 10 simple steps by Jessie Minassian

official summary:
If ten girls were asked to describe the “perfect” girl, they would likely rattle off an eerily similar list of qualities―from hair, skin, and weight to a cute button nose. That’s a problem, because God has given girls a desire to be desirable. If girls think that they will be most wanted if they fit a one-size-fits-all image of “perfection,” they will continually chase that proverbial carrot their entire lives.

Backwards Beauty examines ten cultural lies young women listen to regarding beauty to help them unpack how they’re looking at themselves through the wrong lens. The “tips to feel ugly” range from “compare yourself to every other girl” to “eat junk and diet, diet, diet.”
My thoughts:
I loved this book!!! It took me a while to get through it because I kept on having to stop and then come back a couple of days later. But I am proud to say I know how to feel ugly and it only took 10 steps!
The thing with beauty is that it is in the eye of the beholder. This book describes what the typical teen girl's thought are on what society wants them to be then says God doesn't care! I love that because it is true. But then you say, well I can't change the way I think! Jessie talks about that too and coaches you on how to think a little bit differently without taking away from who you are and helps you figure out what you can do instead that will help you in life and with your relationship with God. She talks about how it is okay to want to be beautiful but it needs to be for the right reasons.
I really liked how this book was written. Jessie Minassian wrote it alike she was talking to you and having a conversation with you. Books like that are cool but she wrote it like you were her best friend. I  write this way a lot so it was cool to read it and see the impact it has.
She unapologetically talks about God and I love it when people do that too. So basically the writing style was how I write and I loved experiencing the impact it has on the reader! It also has devotional type questions at the end for you to respond to.
This book is a very good Teen/YA girl's, devotional and self worth, Christian book. Buy on!
I received a free copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers in for a honest review in return.
God thinks you're beautiful!
K. Duersch

Monday, March 21, 2016

Flirtation Walk by Siri Mitchell

Official Summary:
Trying to escape the shambles her con-man father has made of their reputation, Lucinda Curtis arrives in West Point, New York, determined to land a husband from the military academy. Campbell Conklin is first in his class and preparing to embark upon a storied career in the U.S. Army. Lucinda thinks Campbell will make the perfect husband . . . as long as he does not find out about her father.

Seth Westcott also has taken a liking to Lucinda. He's kind, smart . . . and working extremely hard to graduate last. Tradition states that the worst cadets are assigned to the cavalry out west. And west is where Seth must head to track the swindler who stole all of Seth's mother's money. Seth is smart enough to vie for the top spot, but life isn't fair and this is his chance to catch the man who ruined his family. It's too bad Campbell is all shine and no substance, but Lucinda will surely see through all of that, won't she?

My thoughts:
I really enjoyed this book! Lucinda is a sweet girl who is confused about life but knows how people like her father should be treated and decides that she wants none of it. The official Summary doesn't do either Seth or Lucinda credit. They both come to care for each other then Campbell comes into the story. I wont spill all the beans about how all of that happens but I can assure you it is a great story to read, laugh and cry through. I really liked having the perspective of a West point student. There were a lot of funny and daredevil pranks and things like that between Seth and his friends. It reminded me a lot of the stories you hear about boys in college. Seth was really good Gentelman trying to do what is best for his sister and is confused about how to do everything he wants to help her with.I loved every second of this book!
 This book was a good,clean romance. Buy on  
I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review by Bethany House Publishers.

The Prophetess by Jill Eileen Smith

Here is the official summary:
Outspoken and fearless, Deborah has faith in God but struggles to see the potential her own life holds. As an Israelite woman, she'll marry, have a family, and seek to teach her children about Adonai--and those tasks seem to be more than enough to occupy her time. But God has another plan for her. Israel has been under the near constant terror of Canaan's armies for twenty years, and now God has called Deborah to deliver her people from this oppression. Will her family understand? Will her people even believe God's calling on her life? And can the menace of Canaan be stopped?

With her trademark impeccable research and her imaginative storytelling, Jill Eileen Smith brings to life the story of Israel's most powerful woman in a novel that is both intriguing and inspiring.

 My thoughts:
I was really excited to read this book because I love reading about women heroes from the scriptures. Deborah had a hard time because her family and people were in constant fear because of the Canaan armies. I thought this fear was shown very well. I also thought the parts that showed what type of mother she could have been. She was very much a leader ( she had to be if she was a prophetess). However there were times when I got lost a little between time periods. There are several sudden changes in the year that chapters take place in since we cannot learn everything about Deborah. I really liked seeing the scriptures come to life.

 The Prophetess was a very good christian book. This is available for purchase right now. Buy on!
 I received a free copy of this book from Revell in return for an honest review.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Daring Sacrifice by Jody Hedlund

Official Summary:
In a reverse twist on the Robin Hood story, a young medieval maiden stands up for the rights of the mistreated, stealing from the rich to give to the poor. All the while, she fights against her cruel uncle who has taken over the land that is rightfully hers. Forced to live in the woods and hide with the poor people she's grown to love, she works to save and protect them, but she never anticipates falling in love with the wealthy knight who represents all she's come to despise.
 My thoughts:
I loved this book! Juliana, a former lady turned homeless, is such a good person. She thinks that she is the only one who can help her followers and is very loyal to them. She faces death a couple of times and stands firm for what she believes in every time. Colin, a boy from her childhood, is also a brave soul. He understands loyalty too since he is a knight and is able to understand how Juliana feels about the helpless. The two of them are one of those unstoppable couples, once they are together it is hard to outsmart or be stronger than them. Their falling in love story is so exciting and the action in the book is good too!
This book is a good clean romance/adventure. It is available for purchase. Buy on!
Be Brave!
- K Duersch

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

From Scratch by CE Hilbert

Official Summary:
Maggie McKitrick loves everything about her new life in Gibson's Run, Ohio—her charming bakery, her quirky customers, her distance from the past. Yes, she loves everything…except her new landlord. Police Chief Sean Taylor is like a piece of sand in an oyster—irritating, but with the promise of something beautiful. Despite Maggie's self-imposed man-fast, she wonders what kind of treasure she and the lawman could create together. Sean Taylor likes to keep the peace, but his new tenant is making it nearly impossible to keep anything on an even keel—including his heart. Despite her sassy attitude, Sean is drawn to the beautiful pastry chef and has an overwhelming need to serve and protect her. As Maggie and Sean draw closer together, her long buried dreams about her life are reawakened into a hopeful prayer…until a threat from her past promises to destroy their future. Will Maggie be forced to run—again—starting fresh? Or will God answer her prayer and give her the happily-ever-after she's started from scratch?
My Thoughts:
This book was a really enjoyable read. Maggie is a very fun girl who is trying to rediscover herself. She is an amazing baker and is lucky to have found such a wonderful town to live in. Of course with every town there is the busy body who knows everything that happens in the town. She was actually not as annoying as some book have the busy body. Sean is a sweetheart and once he and Maggie stop fighting they are a great couple. CE Hilbert created a downright creepy stalker for Maggie. He is super scary and adds a lot of suspense the book. But the book was not full of fear like some suspenseful book have. Maggie and Sean's characters grew a lot through out the book and it was fun to get to know them.
This book was a good Clean romance. It is available for purchase. Buy on!

I received a free copy of this book through Netgalley in return for an honest review.

Love, Lexi: Letters to God by Sherry Kyle

What is a girl to do when her rival wants to nab the attention of the one boy she’s liked since he shared his peanut butter sandwich with her in the first grade? Love, Lexi follows seventh grader Alexis Dawn Cooper (Lexi) as she navigates middle school and being a middle child. But this is no ordinary middle-school novel. Love, Lexi is a unique combination of a fictional story combined with a devotional and journal to allow readers to watch Lexi learn to seek God first above all else, while writing their own letters to God. Love, Lexi draws young people into Lexi’s life as they contemplate their own place in God’s eyes.

This book is in a devotional book format. You read a journal/letter and then you apply it to yourself.

For example:
Lexi talks about how she is worried about talking to a boy.
Then there is an interpretation of Philippians 4:6-7 and then you are able to write what you are worried about and how you are going to be better at trusting God.

I think this book was really cute. Lexi goes through a lot of things that girls in middle school go through. It is important for girls at that age to realize that God loves them and learn how to develop a relationship with God. I did not do the journaling but I did journal during middle school in a format similar to this book and I was helped A LOT. This book does have some extreme circumstances but also a lot of real experiences and fears that I went through in middle school.
I highly recommend this book to any middle school or even high school girl. There are some parts that are silly but over all it helps a lot with figuring out how to have a relationship with God. This book is available for purchase. Buy on!
I received a free copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers for a honest review in return.